Living in the city so long I took for granted the simple joy of grilling. I do not know why nearly everything made on a grill tastes amazing, but it does. Over the past month, I think I have used my stovetop maybe twice and the oven once. When it gets hot out, who really wants to be in a sweltering kitchen anyway? Not this girl, and most certainly not after a long day at the office. When I get home the first order of business is firing up the grill with the second order being a tall glass of chilled white wine (some days I switch that order). 


  • 2 Large Zucchini- cut into rounds

  • Olive Oil

  • Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper

  • Chives

Chop zucchini into rounds and rub with olive oil. Season well with salt and pepper. Place in aluminum foil and top with fresh cut chives. Grill on medium heat for at least 6-10 minutes. They should be still be firm, not mushy. 

Tomato and Lemon Stuffed Trout

  • 2 wild caught trout fillets- skin on

  • 1 Tbsp butter

  • 1 clove garlic- minced

  • ½ cup chopped grape tomatoes

  • 2 Lemons

  • Salt and fresh cracked pepper

  • Parsley

Preheat grill- keep heat low-medium. 

Trout has a delicate flavor that is enhanced with just a little butter and garlic. Start by melting a tablespoon of butter with one clove minced garlic. Apply on the meat of the fish then add tomatoes to one side and lemons to the other. Season with salt and pepper and fold fish like a sandwich. Place in aluminum foil sealing off all edges, this allows the fish to steam. Cook 4-6 minutes over medium heat until fish is white and flakey.



08/10/2013 6:56pm

This looks AMAZING. I went to the farmers market today and got zucchini... dinner tonight.

Dan Wright
08/12/2013 10:43am

Found you on Twitter... your pics are really good.

09/11/2013 5:43pm

Looks delicious, as usual!

09/14/2013 3:22pm

Thanks Britt!


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